Traditional Chinese Medicine International Project

English website is under translation. Stay tuned.

TCM International Release

We deliver information in multiple languages about Health and Medicine, and we use the Traditional Chinese Medicine as the main framework. We believe that TCM has the necessary resources and methods to face the medicine challenges of these days and can contribute to improve people′s lives. Because the importance of that reasons, our release is not limited to one country or one language, and our team is doing their best every day to continue expanding the project around the world.

 We believe that everything we do can improve peoples lives

We are passionate professionals of Traditional Chinese Medicine that want inspire people to learn more, to make better practices and to become more in their lives. We believe that a healthy, long, and prosperous life is possible for all humanity, therefore to have quality information and practices, and the right disciplines it′s critical for achieving these goals.

Connecting Worlds

One of our main goals is to connect people around the world with the same interests and passions. We believe that sharing useful information about health, medicine, personal development and lifestyle is vital for achieving a quality long life. When people around the world join that kind of project, it makes the difference.

Human connection, Professional connection, Information connection, Health connection.

 Acupuncture,  Herbal Medicine,  Chinese Medicine Dietetics, Tuina Massage.

English website is under translations. Stay tune.